Our Mission

Accessibility for all

We often take the accessibility of a venue for granted. But, for many people, this is not the case.

Like opening hours or dietary requirements, we think accessibility information should be readily available to everyone, all the time. Let’s empower people of all abilities to lead fulfilling social lives with confidence, purpose and ease.

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Greater information. Greater representation.

Accessibility is a precondition to social engagement for people with disabilities. Yet, physical and cultural barriers often limit social opportunities for people with disabilities. By making accessibility information more visible, SociAbility can help drive greater social engagement and representation of people with disabilities; in turn, boosting opportunities and quality of life. 

SociAbility benefits everyone. Beyond people with disabilities, accessibility information is helpful for the elderly, families with children and prams, the temporarily injured and anyone planning an open event. One in five people may have a disability, but everyone benefits from greater accessibility information.

SociAbility also helps venue owners and managers. Accessibility needs can too often remain out of sight and out of mind. SociAbility works with venue owners to shed light on hidden accessibility issues and how they can easily be fixed.


Accessibility information that actually works

Alternative platforms for finding accessibility information have three key flaws:

1. inaccurate or unreliable information;
2. patchy coverage of venues and/or venue types; and
3. insufficient detail and/or unhelpfully reductive labels, like 'accessible' or 'inaccessible'.

That’s a problem. So we built a solution.

Only you know what is accessible for your abilities and preferences. And we know that these can change in different contexts. That’s why our job remains the same – to give you the information you need to make the right decision, every time, everywhere. Designed, refined and tested by people with disabilities, our unique mapping method captures accessibility information in clear, comprehensive and objective detail: door widths, number of stairs, heights of tables. We don’t make subjective assessments or broad assumptions about accessibility. Instead, SociAbility provides you with the facts you need to judge accessibility for yourself. Simple.

Go where you want, not where you’re told. Accessibility information is only empowering if it is widespread. That’s why we built SociAbility to scale. With SociAbility, anyone with a smartphone can contribute accessibility information for their favourite venue(s) in seconds. Built on top of Google Maps, SociAbility is familiar and intuitive – allowing you to search or contribute information seamlessly. By drawing on the power of the crowd, SociAbility can meaningfully empower disabled communities worldwide. In the longer-term, we are working to partner with mainstream platforms like Google and Apple Maps to scale even further.