Our Mission

Making the world a more SociAble place for all

It’s easy to take accessibility for granted. Why would you build a venue that was difficult to get into?

Yet, for millions worldwide, poor accessibility is a daily reality and a tangible barrier to love, laughs and fun.

For people with access needs – whether disabled, elderly, pushing a pram or simply with someone who is – knowing the accessibility (or lack thereof) of a venue in advance makes a world of difference. With the right planning, obstacles can be overcome, plans can be changed and stress can be avoided.

By making it quick, easy and free to find access information, SociAbility empowers greater social inclusion for people with access needs of all kinds. Let SociAbility help you better explore your communities and enjoy quality time with friends and family anywhere, any time.



Greater information, engagement and representation.


For people with access needs, inaccessible venues limit social engagement and opportunities. Simply knowing in advance whether a venue is accessible or not, to you specifically, empowers people with access needs to explore their communities with more confidence, purpose and ease.

SociAbility makes it quick and easy to find reliable, accurate and detailed accessibility information. We see this as the first step towards boosting social engagement, representation and – ultimately – quality of life and equal access to opportunities for people with access needs everywhere.



Shine bright like a(n accessible) diamond

With SociAbility, everyone wins. Better accessibility information highlights the often-invisible barriers to social inclusion faced by people with disabilities and access needs more broadly. They also demonstrate how easy it can be to tear these barriers down.

For venue owners, being more accessible allows you to attract more customers and make more money. It also ensures that your customers don’t have any unwelcome surprises upon arrival, or get turned away disappointed and angry. SociAbility also helps you to better appreciate how such barriers might be affecting your business and connects you to an international and growing community of venues committed to being open, inclusive and accessible.

Beyond those with access needs, SociAbility empowers the broader community – in particular, friends, family and partners of those with access needs – to build a more inclusive and engaged society. Whether it is a public event, a first date with that good-looking wheelchair user, or a family dinner with grandma, SociAbility makes it easier than ever to ensure that everyone has a great, accessible, time wherever they want to go.



Stop searching. Get SociAlising!


Built by the community, for the community, SociAbility empowers social inclusion through better accessibility information.

Designed by people with access needs, SociAbility is functional, intuitive and accurate. Get the information you need to get on with your life.

So, what are you waiting for? Download SociAbility, for free, to begin searching and sharing accessibility information today! Together, we can make the world a more SociAble place for all!