How It Works


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There are lots of access apps and websites out there. So, why use SociAbility?

Other platforms that publish access information typically have one, or more, of the following 3 flaws:

  1. They have patchy coverage and unreliable information;

  2. They overlook fun, popular, local venues and shops;

  3. They lack detail and use vague, unhelpful labels like ‘accessible’ or ‘inaccessible’

That’s a problem. So we built a solution.


SociAbility partners with local organisations and venues to ensure that our coverage is comprehensive in any given geographic area. Our databases are built by the community, for the community.

We focus on gathering information for local, often independent, social venues. Cafés, restaurants, bars, clubs, shops and more; the places that you actually want to go! Sometimes there’s just more to life than the botanical gardens.

No matter where you want to go, our job remains the same. We give you the details you need to judge accessibility for yourself. Everywhere. Every time. Forget subjective assessments or broad assumptions, we prefer facts and figures: door widths, number of stairs, heights of tables etc.

We know that ‘accessibility’ is fluid. It changes according to where and why you’re going, who you’re with, and how long you intend to stay. Only you know what works for you you. We don’t pretend otherwise.

But why believe us? Download SociAbility now and see for yourself!


Image of three boxes outlining the process for using SociAbility. First – Download. Second – Explore and enjoy! Third – Contribute information to the app.

An aerial image of an outdoor party in a laneway with street art and fairy lights


Search to socialise.

Designed by people with access needs, for people with access needs, SociAbility gives you the answers you need to get on with your life.

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Slick, shiny and SociAble. 

It’s better when things just work.

SociAbility’s intuitive design and user-friendly interface will feel familiar and fluid from day one.

Image of a person holding an iPhone in their hand looking at a page of the SociAbility app


Our detail. Your decision.

Only you can judge what is ‘accessible’. SociAbility gives you the detail you need to make the right decision.
Everywhere. Every time.