How It Works

We’re mainstreaming accessibility information to empower greater social engagement


SociAbility allows any smartphone user to instantly find and contribute accessibility information for local social venues and shops, anywhere.

Built atop Google Maps, we’re using the power of the crowd to build the world's most comprehensive database of social venue accessibility information.

Forget vague labels like ‘accessible’ or ‘inaccessible’. Only you know what is accessible for your abilities and preferences; and we know that this changes in different contexts.

That’s why our job remains the same – to give you the information you need to make the right decision, every time, everywhere.

You won’t find subjective assessments or broad assumptions about accessibility here. Instead, SociAbility gives you with the facts you need to judge accessibility for yourself: door widths, number of stairs, heights of tables etc.

Designed by people with accessibility needs, for people with accessibility needs; it just works. Simple.

LET’S make the world a more sociable place for all

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Stop searching. Get socialising.

Get the info you need to get out and about. SociAbility is designed by people with disabilities, for people with disabilities, to get you where you need and on with your life.



Slick, shiny and sociable. 

Isn't it better when things just work?

SociAbility’s intuitive design and user-friendly interface will feel familiar and fluid from day one.



Our detail. Your decision.

We don't judge what is accessible or inaccessible – that's for you to decide! Only you know what you're capable of and comfortable with. Our job is to get you the right details to make the best decision. Simple.